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pr. person
  • 1 ticket DKK 65
  • 10 - tour card DKK 550 
  • 25 - tour card DKK 1000 

With an activity ticket you have access to a game of Minigolf. Here you can walk between the underground.
Few have seen the underground trolls, but many have a feeling that there is something alive in the landscape.
Something to respect, maybe you see a trolls on the way around the field.
Pole Tennis: 
Try our new Pole Tennis with a good friend, a fun competition, both for children and adults, the one who has
the best technique and strength wins.
Playing time 1 hour. 

Water Park - Splash Playground & Sauna Area:
Enjoy a whole day in our Water Park, filled with water fun, experiences, cozy surroundings with sun loungers.
Try our new sauna.
27 degree hot water, water fountain, wellness for neck and shoulder.

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  • 1. June to 1. September
  • Pool and 27 degress hot water

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