Minigolf & Pole Tennis

18- hole Minigolf course, fun and entertaining for the whole family.


Buy an activity ticket per. person
  • 1 ticket DKK 65
  • 10 - tour card DKK 550
  • 25 - tour card DKK 1000

    Choose between one of the activities:
  • A game of Minigolf
  • Water park day ticket
  • Pole Tennis 2 people a game

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With an activity ticket you have access to a game of Minigolf.
Here you can walk between the underground trolls.
Few have seen the underground trolls, but many have a feeling that there is something alive in the landscape.
Something to respect, maybe you see a troll on the way around the field.

Pole Tennis:
Try our new Pole Tennis with a good friend, a fun competition, both for children and adults, the one who has the best technique and strength wins.
Playing time 30 min.


  • 1. June to 1. September
  • Pool and 27 degress hot water

Contact us

Hasle Camping, Fælledvej 30, DK-3790 Hasle
+45 44 848 848